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MR. nir bareket Founder & manager of European activities

Nir is an accomplished financier with a vast experience in project finance. In Bluebird he is responsible for contracting and financing activities for European clients.

Nir served as a Financial and Commercial Vice President of Bateman Projects for 7 years and as a corporate Vice President of Project Finance of the reputable investments group MERHAV where, among other, he was involved in developing and financing Oil & Gas, Power Plants, Water Treatment Plants and other infrastructure projects in the former Soviet Union, Central and South America and Africa.

Nir has worked closely with world leading financial institutions as well as EBRD, IFC, MIGA and export agencies.

Nir is holding B.A. degree in Accounting & Economics and an M.B.A. degree with special focus on finance.

MR. ram shalita CEO & partner

Ram has an extensive experience in structuring & closing large-scale complex financing packages. Coming from the EPC industry, Ram enjoys a unique wide perspective of both the commercial and the financial needs & challenges of our clients, thus being able to assist them in a very focused & efficient manner. Previously Ram served as a marketing and BD manager of a large infrastructures EPC company operating in Africa and Eastern Europe, and also held several positions in the field of business intel. in hi-tech companies.

MS. ELLA BAREKEt Chief Marketing manager

Ella is an expert marketing manager, skillfully combining experience with innovation by utilizing the possibilities opened by Social Media for attracting potential customers. Ella specializes in business communications and is responsible for business development and various marketing activities and functions according to the company’s strategic marketing plans.

MR. UDI LESHEM Water sector expert

A leading expert in the water sector – including water purification & wastewater large-scale projects, advanced technologies, studies and innovation. Udi earned an MSc. degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Following his graduation, he worked in a leading consulting firm in the US. Udi’s next position was as a sales manager for Siemens Water Technologies. Udi served as VP for Business Development and marketing in Aqwise, a company that specializes in wastewater treatment. Today he is also CEO and co-founder of Aquanos. In BlueBird, Udi is responsible to all technical aspects of water projects wordlwide, including consultancy, assessment and methodology.

MR. YOSSI EDELSTEIN Hydro energy sector expert

Yossi has gained vast experience in Engineering, Development and Management of hydro power projects worldwide – including identifying market needs, developing, managing and implementing appropriate solutions as team leader and managing director of several complex hydro power plants. Yossi enjoys more the 14 years of hydropower experience worldwide.

MR. SHIMON GEIMAN Transportation sector expert

MBA Major in international finance in TA University. More than 20 years of experience in PPP projects, project finance, M&A and project management. In-depth knowledge of broad aspects related to PPP projects, specializing in transportation infrastructure industry (finance, legal, engineering, operations, risk analysis). Expertise in identifying and maximizing the benefits of a project to shareholders, including risk analysis and mitigation, bidding, partners’ detection, M&A, and buy out. Served among others in leading positions in transportation large-scale projects in Israel, Colombia and others.

Salome Kveliashvili.JPG
Ms. Salome Kveliashvili Office Manager - Georgia

Salome is responsible for managing our offices in Georgia. Salome has extensive experience in administration and office management. She specializes in UX / UI design and graphic design. Salome graduated from the School of PR and Integrated Marketing Communications and holds an MBA and Psychology degree.

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