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In today’s infrastructures world, financing is an essential element, with tremendous advantages both for the contractor and for the buyer.

Based in Israel and Europe Bluebird Finance & Projects ltd is a leading financial services firm specializing in facilitating complex finance solutions for large-scale infrastructures projects in developing countries worldwide.

The sources for financing are international leading banks, Export Credit Agencies, development banks and World Bank, private insurance companies and multilateral organizations worldwide.

During the last 15 years, Bluebird Finance & Projects and its managers have successfully arranged Billions of Dollars in debt loans to support the efforts of many international companies.

We are experts in devising innovative financial structures to meet the unique requirements of clients, projects, emerging market countries, and lenders. Some of the industries for which we provide financial solutions include power, water, agriculture, oil and gas, telecom, transportation, health, minerals and more.

As a financial service provider, we are assisting borrowers & contractors in structuring transactions and preparing and presenting business plans, feasibility studies and applications packages to commercial banks, export agencies, and multilateral organizations.

In today’s infrastructures projects worldwide, financing is a key element, which became practically a mandatory tool. Most of the massive projects today worldwide require financing as a pre-condition.
Especially In developing countries, financing enables significant advantages both for the buyer as well as for the supplier/contractor –

  • For the Supplier/Contractor – first of all, financing is a major marketing tool – since then the contractor could offer a comprehensive solution, of a turnkey project + financing, a combination that is mostly unbeatable. That enables the contractor to dramatically improve his chances to win new projects. Secondly, financing is as strong financing security tool – since in this structure the contractor receives his money in cash during construction from a well-known lender bank, and not directly from the client, thus avoiding any risk or exposure in case the client does not pay from whatever reason (since the risk is taken by the bank and the insurance company). Thirdly, financing enables the contractor much better control over the deal during the signing of the commercial contract, the negotiations over the terms, payment milestones, etc.

  • For the Buyer – receiving financing for the project at very attractive costs, much lower than the local costs, due to the involvement of foreign insurance companies and foreign lender banks. The gap in costs is massive and dramatic – could be even 1:3 or 1:4 and much more in comparison to local banks costs. In addition, the loan repayment period is very long – could start from 3-4 years, reaching even 12-14 years in many cases. Bottom line – the buyer, either governmental or private, enjoys in this structure financing which is extremely and dramatically better than if he had taken a loan at local banks.

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