Project finance provides off balance sheet financing through limited or non-recourse loans which are collateralized by a project’s assets, a pledge of shares in the Project Company, and future cash flows. Up to 80% of a project’s total cost can be financed over 10 – 20 years at attractive interest rates.
Project finance usually involves an extensive process of detailed feasibility study, lender due diligence, intense negotiations and complicated financial model and security documentation. Bluebird Finance and Projects’ familiarity with this process ensures that our clients have the expert advice and support needed at every stage.
This support begins with helping clients express and quantify their business concept in a project package suitable for potential development and commercial lenders. Our established relationships and experience with such agencies allow us to structure and present each project so as to receive the most favorable treatment possible.
During the due diligence stage, Bluebird Finance & Projects assists clients with all aspects of lender communications and management including negotiating financing terms that are flexible, competitive and cost effective, and that minimize recourse to sponsors.



In order to facilitate international deals, Bluebird Finance & Projects arranges short – to long – term export loans, credit insurance and comprehensive packages.
Financing for Governmental or Private buyers could be arranged for up to 100% of the contract value over a term of 2 to 16 years. Exporters which benefit from Bluebird Finance & Projects’ expertise include large, medium-size and small companies worldwide.
Furthermore, we specialize in additional advanced Export Finance solutions such as –​

  • Documentary insurance & discounting (L/C etc.)

  • Import finance

FEASIBILITY STUDIES & financial modeling

Bluebird Finance & Projects enjoys massive track-record of performing complex and large-scale Feasibility Studies, Financial Models and Business Plans, which comply with the highest standards of international banks.
Our services include all the functionality you need to close a transaction:

  • Project overview and Viability

  • Market Analysis

  • Technical Analysis

  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment

  • Business Model & Strategy

  • Marketing models

  • Break-even analysis